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What is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero, a cutting-edge affiliate marketing course curated by the esteemed Robby Blanchard, promises an extraordinary opportunity to earn up to $1,000 per day—all from the comfort of your own home. At its core, this program unveils a streamlined three-step system that caters to both novice and seasoned affiliate marketers, providing invaluable insights to kickstart your journey to financial success.

What sets Commission Hero apart is its refreshing departure from conventional affiliate marketing approaches. Forget about the need for a massive social media following, intricate email lists, existing products, or the complexities of managing websites and customer interactions. Instead, the course introduces participants to the effectiveness of pain ads, revealing the secrets to generating substantial traffic and driving sales without the usual prerequisites.

A standout feature of Commission Hero is its inclusion of ready-made landing pages, ensuring a hassle-free initiation into the world of affiliate marketing. Participants delve into the art of identifying high-paying deals with lucrative commissions on ClickBank, creating captivating landing pages, and executing targeted Facebook ad campaigns for their selected products.

Robby Blanchard adopts a comprehensive approach within Commission Hero, guiding users through the nuances of identifying profitable niches, understanding target demographics, and crafting compelling advertisements. Beyond being a mere course, Commission Hero serves as a proven method that has not only propelled Robby Blanchard to success but has also transformed the lives of countless students.

The website boldly asserts that Commission Hero can pave the way to financial freedom, allowing participants to liberate themselves from the constraints of a traditional 9-5 job. Remarkably, achieving this financial independence requires only a modest daily ad spend of $10-$20. The time commitment is also reasonable, with just 2-3 hours per week sufficient to absorb the course content thoroughly—a manageable investment for anyone willing to exert effort and dedication.

Enrolling in Commission Hero comes with an array of complimentary bonuses strategically designed to elevate income-generation potential. These bonuses include additional coaching, specialized training modules, and supplemental resources, all geared toward maximizing your commissions. Commission Hero isn’t merely a course; it’s a transformative journey toward financial independence, offering a blueprint for success in the dynamic realm of affiliate marketing.


What our Commission Hero Students say



“Commission Hero has been a game-changer for me. I started with minimal knowledge about affiliate marketing, but Robby’s step-by-step training made it easy to understand. The Facebook ad strategies are powerful, and I’ve seen a significant boost in my commissions. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but with dedication, the results are worth it!”

Sarah M., 32, USA



“As someone looking to break into affiliate marketing, Commission Hero provided the perfect roadmap. The detailed modules, especially on setting up Facebook ads, were invaluable. It’s not just theory; Robby’s real-world experience shines through. My first sale came faster than I expected, and now I’m scaling up. Highly recommend for beginners.”

Michael P., 28, USA



“Commission Hero exceeded my expectations. Robby Blanchard’s insights into ClickBank and the affiliate world are unparalleled. The emphasis on Facebook ads is both a strength and a challenge. The course is comprehensive, but success requires constant tweaking. Patience is key. The bonuses and weekly Q&As add immense value. Overall, a solid investment.”

Emily R., 35, USA

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Who Is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard proudly declares himself as the #1 ClickBank Affiliate in the World—a claim that may sound audacious, but it’s backed by his remarkable achievements in the realm of affiliate marketing.

ClickBank, a colossal marketplace where affiliates and product creators collaborate, serves as the playground for individuals seeking financial success. Robby Blanchard’s expertise and success in this domain have earned him the coveted title of the world’s top ClickBank Affiliate. In the world of affiliate marketing, where six and seven-figure incomes are the norm, holding such a prestigious position is no small feat.

As the mastermind behind Commission Hero, Robby Blanchard has harnessed his extensive knowledge and experience to create a course that imparts valuable insights into the intricacies of affiliate marketing. This training program, along with others like Ministry of Freedom, relies on platforms such as ClickBank to facilitate partnerships between marketers and product creators.

Beyond his accomplishments in the online marketing arena, Robby Blanchard is the CEO of Blanchard Media. His company boasts an impressive clientele, including Fit Body Bootcamp, Paleo Secret, and Jason Capital International. Blanchard Media offers a range of services, from speaking engagements to ad campaign management, private consulting, and coaching, solidifying Robby’s standing as a key player in the marketing industry.

Contrary to the typical trajectory of super-affiliates, Robby Blanchard didn’t start his career in the “make-money-online” sector. Instead, he ventured into the fitness industry, establishing his own gym after earning an MBA from Fitchburg State College. His foray into Facebook Ads to promote his gym proved highly successful, laying the foundation for his journey to becoming ClickBank’s top affiliate and the visionary behind Commission Hero.

While Robby’s claim to fame as the #1 ClickBank Affiliate may seem bold, it is supported by his track record of success. Commission Hero, under his guidance, offers a promising starting point for those seeking to navigate the world of affiliate marketing. While there are no guarantees of replicating Robby’s $1,000 per day earnings, the fact that he imparts knowledge based on firsthand experience certainly puts us on the right path.


How Does Commission Hero Work?

Commission Hero operates on a comprehensive three-step system designed to maximize commissions and guide users through the process of creating profitable sales funnels, primarily leveraging the potential of Facebook ads. Here’s an overview of how the three-step system works:

Step 1: Identify Profitable Products

In the realm of ClickBank affiliate marketing, the first crucial step is to identify products with the highest-paying commissions. Commission Hero provides users with detailed instructions on how to locate these high-yielding offers within the ClickBank platform. The business model of ClickBank incentivizes affiliates by paying them commissions for every click on their affiliate links. The course not only guides users on finding lucrative offers but also imparts knowledge on calculating the minimum threshold required to activate the highest-paying commissions.

Step 2: Create Landing Pages with ClickFunnels

Once a suitable product or service is identified, the next step involves creating a compelling landing page to effectively promote the chosen product. Commission Hero simplifies this process by offering million-dollar landing page templates that serve as blueprints for users. These templates are user-friendly and don’t demand technical expertise. Equipped with pricing information, a contact form, and a subscription button, these landing pages are strategically designed to attract potential customers and lead them to purchase with minimal clicks. Importantly, they seamlessly direct customers to the ClickBank checkout page to complete their transactions.

Step 3: Run Facebook Ads to Drive Traffic

The heart of Commission Hero lies in its emphasis on using Facebook ads to drive traffic to the meticulously crafted landing pages. The course provides extensive guidance on leveraging Facebook ads to generate commissions. Users are given clear instructions on the process of paying for ads, and the course assures a swift transition from ad investment to revenue generation. This step aims to capitalize on the vast audience and targeting capabilities of Facebook, making it an essential component of the Commission Hero strategy.

In essence, Commission Hero’s three-step system offers a comprehensive guide for affiliate marketers, helping them navigate the intricate landscape of ClickBank, create compelling landing pages, and effectively utilize Facebook ads to drive traffic and generate commissions.


The Benefits of Commission Hero: Unlocking Success in Affiliate Marketing

Commission Hero stands out as a transformative program in the realm of affiliate marketing, offering a host of benefits that contribute to its popularity and success:

Fast Traffic Generation:

Understanding Facebook Traffic Ads: Commission Hero equips users with the knowledge of how Facebook traffic ads function, providing insights into their creation and effective utilization. This translates to the ability to effortlessly channel traffic to affiliate links.

High-Income Potential:

Up to $1,000 Daily Earnings: Commission Hero boasts the potential to help users generate a substantial income, with some individuals reporting daily profits surpassing what they earn in traditional 9-5 jobs. The program aims for financial success by leveraging the power of affiliate marketing.

Robby Blanchard’s Expertise:

Practical Teaching by a ClickBank Expert: The founder, Robby Blanchard, is not just an instructor but a successful affiliate marketer who practices what he teaches. As the number one ClickBank affiliate, Robby collaborates with a team of seasoned experts well-versed in the nuances of affiliate marketing.

Step-by-Step Video Training:

Accessible Learning: Commission Hero stands out for its user-friendly approach, providing step-by-step video training that accommodates all levels of learners. The course is designed to be comprehensible, offering essential tools and resources with clear explanations.

Expert-Led Program:

Insights from a Million-Dollar Affiliate: Robby Blanchard’s success in amassing millions through ClickBank affiliates serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the strategies taught in Commission Hero. The program is led by an industry expert, ensuring that users receive guidance from someone with a proven track record.

Commission Hero, with its emphasis on practicality, expertise, and accessibility, emerges as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to harness the potential of affiliate marketing. Whether it’s the promise of fast traffic generation, the allure of high-income possibilities, or the assurance of learning from a seasoned professional, the benefits of Commission Hero extend beyond traditional training programs in the affiliate marketing landscape.

How Can Commission Hero Help You Make BIG Profits Online?


Inside Commission Hero: Unveiling the Core Modules and Bonuses

Commission Hero unfolds its wealth of knowledge through five comprehensive modules, each packed with videos, checklists, and step-by-step instructions that cater to affiliate marketers from beginners to advanced levels. Here’s an in-depth look at the core modules and additional training provided by Commission Hero:

Getting Started:

Overview and Introduction: Robby delves into the basics, providing an overview of the training.
Affiliate Marketing Basics: A simplified explanation of the essence of affiliate marketing by Robby.
Ads Account Setup: Insights into the workings of Facebook ads, guiding users through setting up and managing Ads accounts.
ClickFunnels Overview: Understanding ClickFunnels, an internet software application facilitating the creation of sales and webpages.
ClickBank and Alternative Marketplaces: Registration on ClickBank, managing products, and exploring alternative marketplaces like MaxWeb/Digistore24.

Choosing the Right Offers:

Importance of Offer Selection: The critical role that choosing the right offers plays in affiliate marketing success.
High-Converting Offers: Strategies and resources to identify and leverage high-converting offers, particularly for beginners.

Finding Your Ad Image:

Ad Image Significance: Recognizing the impact of ad images on sales.
Graphic Design Recommendations: Robby shares preferred graphic designers and platforms for hiring professionals.
Tips and Tools: Guidance on finding and utilizing the best ad images.

Setting Up a Landing Page:

Landing Page Creation: Step-by-step instructions on creating landing pages using PHP or ClickFunnels.
Done-for-You Landing Pages: Utilizing pre-designed landing pages provided by Commission Hero for easy conversion.

Setting Up Your Facebook Account:

Facebook Ads Account Setup: Simplified guidance on setting up a Facebook Ads account, including budgeting and bidding strategies.

Setting Up Facebook Pixels:

Integration of Facebook Pixels with ClickBank: Installing Facebook Pixels to track conversions, optimize campaigns, and enhance remarketing efforts.

Tracking Your Campaign:

Sales and Click Tracking: Creating a tracking spreadsheet to monitor sales and clicks.
Google Analytics Integration: Utilizing Google Analytics to gain insights into customer engagement and behavior.


Importance of Scaling: Robby emphasizes the role of scaling in achieving substantial daily earnings.

Additional Training – Ninja Tactics:

SEO Strategies for Facebook: Utilizing SEO for Facebook affiliate marketing, including vanity URLs and backlink strategies.
Influencer Marketing: Discovering influencers in your niche and building beneficial relationships.


Commission Hero for Beginners

Yes, Commission Hero is explicitly designed to be suitable for beginners in affiliate marketing. Here are key points highlighting its beginner-friendly nature:

Beginner-Focused Design:

Commission Hero is intentionally crafted with beginners in mind, making it accessible for individuals who are new to affiliate marketing. The course structure, content, and training materials are tailored to guide beginners through the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.

Step-by-Step Training:

The program provides step-by-step training, ensuring that beginners can follow along and grasp each concept at their own pace. The video format of the training allows users to revisit lessons if needed, facilitating a clear understanding of the material.

Suitable for All Ages:

Whether you are a young beginner or someone starting later in life, Commission Hero is presented in a way that is comprehensible and applicable to individuals of all ages. The training accommodates diverse learning styles.

Repeated Viewing of Training:

The ability to view the training videos repeatedly is highlighted as a benefit for beginners. This feature allows users to reinforce their understanding of the material, ensuring that they can absorb the information effectively.

Prompt Support Included:

Commission Hero includes prompt support as part of the membership, offering assistance to users who may encounter challenges or have questions. This support system is particularly beneficial for beginners who might need additional guidance.

Learn from the #1 ClickBank Affiliate:

The credibility of Robby Blanchard as the #1 ClickBank Affiliate adds value to the course, even for experienced marketers. Beginners can benefit from the insights and strategies shared by someone who has achieved significant success in the affiliate marketing space.

In summary, Commission Hero is explicitly positioned as a beginner-friendly course, offering a structured and accessible learning experience for those who are new to affiliate marketing. The step-by-step training, video format, and support features make it conducive for beginners to embark on their affiliate marketing journey with confidence.


“$700 Profit In One Day! That’s More Than My 9-5 Job”

Chad, Commission Hero Student

“I’m On My Way To A $6000 Week”

Noel, Commission Hero Student


Are There Any Hidden Costs after Buying the Course?

Yes, there are additional costs associated with implementing Commission Hero’s strategies. Here are the primary hidden costs you may encounter:

Advertising Expense:

Running Facebook ads is a fundamental part of the Commission Hero strategy. While the course itself may have a one-time fee, the ongoing cost of advertising on Facebook is a significant factor. According to Commission Hero’s recommendations, users are advised to spend between $10 and $20 per day on Facebook ads. The success of your campaigns will depend on your advertising budget.

It’s important to note that achieving the $1,000 per day profit, as mentioned by Robby Blanchard, may require a substantial ad spend, and the profit margins may vary. The actual profits you earn will depend on the success of your campaigns and the associated ad costs.

Paid Tools:

Commission Hero recommends the use of several paid tools to optimize your affiliate marketing efforts. These tools include:


$97 per month – Used for creating landing pages.


$29 per month – An autoresponder for managing email lists.


Variable costs – Recommended for graphic design needs.


$27 per month – A tracking tool for monitoring campaign performance.

While some alternatives may exist for these tools, using the ones recommended by Commission Hero is emphasized for the best chance of success. The costs associated with these tools should be considered in addition to the course fee.


It’s important to carefully evaluate your budget and assess the potential return on investment (ROI) based on your advertising expenses and the profits generated from successful campaigns. The actual costs and outcomes may vary based on individual circumstances and campaign performance.

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Who is Commission Hero For?

Commission Hero is designed for a specific audience, and its suitability depends on individual preferences, goals, and resources. Here’s a breakdown of who Commission Hero is for:

Aspiring Affiliate Marketers:

Commission Hero is suitable for individuals aspiring to venture into affiliate marketing. It provides education and strategies specifically focused on using paid advertising to generate commissions.

Those Preferring Paid Advertising:

The program is ideal for those who want to build an affiliate marketing business but prefer using paid advertising over traditional methods like writing articles for a blog. It caters to individuals who may not have the patience or inclination for content creation.

Individuals with a Budget:

Commission Hero is well-suited for people who have a budget for paid advertising in addition to the course costs. The program acknowledges that there is an ongoing expense associated with implementing the strategies taught in the course.

Those Seeking Quick Results:

It is beneficial for individuals who are eager to see quick results. Unlike organic methods that may take months to yield results, Commission Hero’s approach through paid advertising can potentially lead to sales within a shorter timeframe, sometimes even hours after launching a campaign.

Realistic and Sensible Individuals:

Commission Hero is recommended for those who approach the program with realistic expectations. While positive testimonials exist, it’s emphasized that success requires effort and dedication. Sensible individuals who understand the necessity of hard work and time investment are likely to benefit.

Individuals Willing to Work:

Success with Commission Hero is portrayed as achievable through active engagement and work. It is not positioned as a get-rich-quick scheme, and users are encouraged to invest time and energy into learning and implementing the strategies.

Those Ready for Online Business:

Commission Hero is suitable for individuals ready to embark on building an online business through affiliate marketing. The focus on paid advertising aligns with the preferences of those who want to leverage this approach for generating commissions.

In summary, Commission Hero caters to individuals interested in affiliate marketing, particularly those who favor paid advertising, have a budget, and are ready to put in the necessary work. Success is depicted as achievable through a combination of learning, strategic implementation, and a realistic understanding of the online business landscape.


Commission Hero: Not Suitable For

Commission Hero may not be suitable for everyone, and there are specific groups of affiliate marketers for whom this program might not align with their preferences and strategies. Here’s a breakdown of who Commission Hero may not be for:

Blog-Centric Affiliate Marketers:

Commission Hero may not be suitable for affiliate marketers who prefer the blog-centric approach to making commissions. Those who focus on creating content, optimizing it for search engines, and generating affiliate income through organic traffic may not find Commission Hero aligned with their methods.

Email List Builders Using Solo Ads:

Affiliate marketers who build substantial email lists using strategies like solo ads may not find Commission Hero fully aligned with their approach. While the landing page builder training could be relevant, the program’s primary focus on Facebook ads may not cater to those who predominantly rely on solo ads for list building.

Individuals Unable to Invest in Ads:

Commission Hero may not be suitable for individuals who are not in a position to invest money in advertising. The program’s emphasis on paid advertising through platforms like Facebook requires a budget for ad spend, and those without the financial capacity may find it challenging to implement the strategies effectively.

“Tire-Kickers” or Casual Enthusiasts:

Commission Hero may not be suitable for individuals looking to casually try out the program and then seek a refund. The 12-month testing period, coupled with the requirement to actively implement the strategies, suggests that the program is geared towards serious individuals committed to building a sustainable online business.

Those Seeking Immediate Refunds:

Individuals seeking immediate refunds without putting in the effort to test and implement the strategies may not find Commission Hero accommodating. The program’s refund policy is structured to encourage users to actively engage with the course over a 12-month period before considering a refund.

In summary, Commission Hero may not be the ideal choice for affiliate marketers who favor blogging, rely heavily on solo ads for list building, lack the financial capacity to invest in ads, or are not committed to actively testing and implementing the strategies over an extended period. The program is positioned for a specific audience of serious individuals looking to build an affiliate marketing business through paid advertising.


Does Commission Hero Work in All Countries?

While Commission Hero’s marketing materials suggest that it works worldwide, it’s important to note that the actual functionality of the program can be affected by certain limitations. Here are key considerations:

Clickbank Account Restrictions:

Commission Hero relies on promoting products from ClickBank. However, ClickBank has restrictions on accepting affiliates from certain countries. If you are in a country that ClickBank does not support, you may encounter challenges in setting up a ClickBank account.

Before purchasing Commission Hero, especially if you reside outside the US, Canada, UK, etc., it’s advisable to check ClickBank’s policies regarding affiliate sign-ups from your specific country.

ClickBank Account Approval:

In cases where individuals face rejection during the ClickBank account signup process, the recommendation is to contact ClickBank directly. Some users have reported success in resolving signup issues by reaching out to ClickBank’s support and providing the necessary identification.

Impact on Commission Hero Participation:

If you are unable to obtain a ClickBank account due to country restrictions, participating in Commission Hero may not be feasible. The effectiveness of the course is contingent on the ability to utilize ClickBank for affiliate marketing.

Tip for Potential Users: Prior to investing in Commission Hero, it is advisable to attempt setting up a ClickBank account to ensure eligibility. If faced with rejection, reaching out to ClickBank support for potential resolution may be a viable option.

Important Note: The ability to use Commission Hero effectively may vary based on individual circumstances, including ClickBank account eligibility in specific countries. Prospective users are encouraged to verify their eligibility for ClickBank affiliate accounts before purchasing the Commission Hero course.


Factors to Consider Before Buying Commission Hero

Before deciding to invest in Commission Hero, there are several important considerations to take into account. Here are key factors to keep in mind:

Limitation to Facebook Ads:

Commission Hero primarily focuses on paid advertising, with an emphasis on Facebook ads, Native ads, and Youtube ads. Notably, there is no training provided for Google ads.
Facebook ads can be costly, and their targeting options can be complex. Additionally, Facebook’s ad algorithms are subject to frequent changes, requiring marketers to stay updated on the latest developments.
Adherence to Facebook’s advertising policies is crucial to prevent account bans. Understanding and following these policies is a critical aspect of using Facebook ads effectively.

Active Campaign Management:

Paid advertising, particularly on platforms like Facebook, requires constant supervision and adjustment. Campaigns cannot be set on autopilot, and regular monitoring is essential for optimizing performance and avoiding financial losses.

Preference for Passive Income:

Commission Hero may not be suitable for those seeking a passive income model. The course emphasizes active management of paid advertising campaigns, which may not align with individuals who prefer more passive online income strategies, such as blogging and organic traffic generation.

High ClickBank Refund Rate:

ClickBank, the platform recommended for affiliate marketing within Commission Hero, is known for having a high refund rate. This is attributed to the lack of quality control, as ClickBank does not filter out low-quality products or vendors.
Affiliates promoting ClickBank products may encounter refund requests from customers dissatisfied with their purchases. Understanding ClickBank’s dynamics and selecting products carefully can help mitigate this issue.

Conclusion: Commission Hero is a suitable course for those specifically interested in affiliate marketing through paid advertising, particularly on Facebook. Potential users should assess their preferences, level of engagement, and comfort with active campaign management before making a decision to purchase the course. Additionally, understanding the dynamics of ClickBank and its potential impact on refund rates is crucial for affiliate marketers promoting ClickBank products.

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Is Commission Hero a Scam or Legit?

Commission Hero is not a scam, but as with any online program, its effectiveness depends on various factors, including the user’s commitment, effort, and expectations. Here’s a breakdown of the assessment:

Legitimacy of Commission Hero:

Commission Hero is considered a legitimate program that provides training in affiliate marketing strategies, particularly focusing on using Facebook ads. Users receive educational resources, strategies, and insights from Robby Blanchard, a successful affiliate marketer.

Realistic Expectations:

It’s emphasized that Commission Hero is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Users should have realistic expectations and understand that success in affiliate marketing, as taught by Commission Hero, requires time, effort, and consistent implementation of the strategies.

Work and Patience Required:

Commission Hero is acknowledged as a legitimate way to make money online, but it’s clear that it is not a quick fix. Users need to be willing to put in the work, learn the intricacies of affiliate marketing, and exercise patience as they navigate the learning curve.

Not for Everyone:

While Commission Hero is not a scam, it may not be suitable for everyone. Individuals seeking effortless ways to make money online without any effort are advised that this course may not align with their expectations.

Affiliate Marketing Education:

The program’s legitimacy lies in providing education on affiliate marketing, helping users understand the process of promoting and selling products to earn commissions. It’s presented as a resource for those genuinely interested in building an online business through affiliate marketing.

Personal Commitment:

The assessment underscores the importance of personal commitment, time investment, and a willingness to learn for individuals considering Commission Hero. Success is depicted as achievable through dedication and adherence to the program’s teachings.

In summary, Commission Hero is regarded as a legitimate program for learning affiliate marketing, but potential users are advised to approach it with realistic expectations and a readiness to invest time and effort into building their online business. Success is seen as a result of commitment, learning, and strategic implementation of the program’s teachings.


Paying for Facebook Ads with Commission Hero: A Realistic Overview

Paying for Facebook ads is a crucial aspect of implementing the strategies taught in Commission Hero, and it’s essential to understand the financial dynamics involved. Here’s a realistic overview:

Advertising Costs:

The cost of running Facebook ads is entirely borne by the individual implementing the strategies from Commission Hero. This cost is not covered by Commission Hero itself.

Testing and Optimization:

Paid advertising involves running multiple campaigns simultaneously and testing them against each other to identify the most effective one. This process helps determine which campaigns perform better, and the less successful ones are discontinued.

Cost of Testing:

It’s important to recognize that every campaign test incurs a cost. This means that individuals need to allocate a budget for testing different campaigns to discover what works best.

Profitability Challenges:

Running a winning campaign doesn’t guarantee immediate profitability. While it may outperform other campaigns, the ultimate goal is to create a campaign that is not only a winner but also profitable. Achieving profitability often requires further adjustments, testing, and optimization.

Trial and Error:

Winning campaigns are not easily replicated or copied; they are earned through trial and error. This involves testing different elements such as audiences, products, landing pages, and email follow-ups.

Budget Considerations:

Success in Facebook advertising, particularly in affiliate marketing, demands a significant budget to withstand the testing phase. It’s important to have a budget that allows for multiple tests without running out of funds before finding a profitable campaign.

Commission Hero’s Role:

Commission Hero, led by Robby Blanchard, provides guidance and strategies to give individuals the best chance of creating a winning campaign. However, the process of finding a successful and profitable campaign is inherently iterative and requires persistence.

Financial Preparedness:

Considering the potential costs involved in testing campaigns, individuals interested in Commission Hero should assess their financial readiness. If budget constraints are significant, it may be advisable to reconsider the timing of enrolling in the course.


Using Free Traffic with Commission Hero: A Strategic Approach

Yes, it is entirely possible to leverage free traffic when implementing the strategies taught in Commission Hero. Here’s a breakdown of the considerations and advantages associated with using free traffic:

Preference for Free Traffic:

Free traffic, which doesn’t involve direct financial costs, is often favored by individuals as it eliminates the immediate expenditure associated with paid advertising.

Past Experience with Paid Traffic:

The author shares personal experiences of investing in paid traffic avenues such as Facebook ads, Bing ads, and Solo ads. While these methods may have the potential for success, the author acknowledges the challenges faced, including the risk of scams and the difficulty in finding a profitable campaign.

Limitations of Paid Traffic:

Commission Hero is presented as a valuable resource for individuals seeking success in paid traffic strategies. However, it’s emphasized that the course is not a magic solution, and success in paid advertising requires a significant financial commitment. Many individuals face challenges, including running out of money before achieving profitability.

Transition to Free Traffic:

The author highlights a personal shift towards free traffic strategies due to financial constraints and the need to figure out a more sustainable approach. Free traffic, although labeled as “free” in terms of not requiring direct monetary expenditure, does demand time and effort.

Realism About Free Traffic:

While free traffic doesn’t involve immediate financial costs, it’s made clear that it is not without its demands. Generating free traffic requires a substantial investment of time and effort, making it “free” in the sense that no money is exchanged, but not in the sense that it doesn’t require work.

Balancing Budget and Goals:

The strategy of using free traffic is presented as a viable option for individuals who may not have a significant budget for paid traffic but still aim to generate income online. The emphasis is on recognizing the trade-off between budget constraints and the need for a strategic approach to traffic generation.

Importance of Strategy:

Whether employing paid or free traffic methods, a well-thought-out strategy is deemed essential. Commission Hero is suggested as a valuable resource for individuals seeking guidance and strategies to optimize their approach to both paid and free traffic.

In summary, Commission Hero is portrayed as a resource that can assist individuals in navigating both paid and free traffic strategies. The emphasis on recognizing the effort required for free traffic aligns with the understanding that success in online marketing often involves a combination of strategic guidance, persistence, and a commitment to putting in the necessary work.


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Commission Hero 12-Months Money Back Guarantee

Yes, Commission Hero does offer a money-back guarantee, but it comes with a specific set of conditions and a 12-month evaluation period. Here’s a breakdown of the money-back policy:

12-Month Testing Period:

Commission Hero encourages users to thoroughly test the course for a full 12 months. This extended testing period allows individuals to implement the strategies and tactics taught in the program over an extended timeframe.

Refund Request Timing:

If a user does not achieve the desired results within the 12-month period, they are eligible to request a refund. However, the refund request cannot be made before completing the full 12 months.

Testing the Strategies:

The catch in the money-back guarantee is that users must actively put the Commission Hero strategies to the test. This involves implementing the course teachings and actively engaging in Facebook advertising for the entire 12-month duration.

Avoiding “Tire-Kickers”:

The policy is designed to attract individuals who are serious about building an online business and are committed to the process. It discourages those who might join on a whim, try it for a short period, and then request a refund without giving the strategies a fair chance.

Understanding the Policy Rationale:

The rationale behind this policy, as explained, is to filter out individuals who are not genuinely committed to building a sustainable online business. It aims to avoid situations where users may quickly give up, not fully implement the strategies, and then share negative feedback without giving the program a fair chance.

It’s important for potential users to be aware of this 12-month evaluation period and to approach Commission Hero with a commitment to actively test the strategies taught in the course. This policy underscores the program’s emphasis on attracting individuals who are serious about their online business endeavors and are willing to invest time and effort over an extended timeframe.


When You Join Get These Limited Time Bonuses

Live Weekly Q&As and Coaching: ($4,997 Value)

Ongoing support through weekly interactive sessions with Robby and his team.

Million Dollar Rolodex of Contacts: ($1,197 Value)

Direct access to successful product owners and their contact details.

SnapChat Training: ($1,997 Value)

Learning to generate income using SnapChat.

$10K Month Email Marketing Module: ($2,997 Value)

Introduction to email marketing and running effective email campaigns.

Access to Facebook Insider: ($1,997 Value)

Direct access to Robby’s Facebook connection, revealing insider insights for maximizing profits.

Commission Hero goes beyond the standard training modules by providing a range of bonuses, ensuring ongoing support and access to valuable industry contacts and tactics.


Commission Hero Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately we do not offer a payment plan. Commission Hero is a premium high level educational product. If you are not able to pay in full, chances are it’s not right for you. We are only looking for serious students who are willing to invest in themselves. Please scroll up and down our page and see the countless case studies and then make your decision.

Anyone can do this type of business. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and have an interest for new emerging world of online marketing, this business is ideal for you. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to build this business.

Yes! You can do this, and get paid, no matter what country you live in around the world. You will need a bank account or an address that a check can be sent to in order to get paid. 

You will need a minimum of $10-$20 daily spend on your ads.

Please utilize the resource we have equipped you with, the Commission Hero private Facebook group. All students have access to this group where you can ask questions and get feedback. 
However please be warned in advance. If you have not watched all modules at least 2-3 times and tried to implement some sort of campaign it’s going to be hard for us and the current members to support you. You have to put in the work and meet us halfway.
If you have urgent or very specific questions you can email us at
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